Wrocław-based space branding studio tackling dysfunctional public spaces and imbuing them with artistic flair.

Bardzo’s ventures into spacial branding are a sensible marriage of sheer functionality with a knack for whimsical artist’s flair. Having spruced up several different spaces in their hometown Wrocław – including murals for co-working areas, functional branding at residential properties and other artwork – the studio asked Tinge to come up with a coherent website design that best showcases their portfolio, is in line with the client’s wacky style and at the same time is versatile enough to accommodate possible future projects as well.


We adopted the client’s expressive yet pragmatic style to construct a fresh, lively website that’s as cheerful as the Bardzo team itself. Based on the client’s own branding, the website boasts dynamic, contrasting colours and a number of exuberant, animated flourishes to create an immersive web experience unlike any other.


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